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Nicole Barreca is a student studying Spanish who will become an Adolescence Education teacher in Spanish. She became involved in the companion site for Spanish Phonetics & Phonology through Professor Escudero, one of her best Spanish professors and through her love for the class of Spanish phonetics. She hoped to create a long lasting resource for other SUNY students that will greatly assist them while taking this difficult course, as well as creating a tool for professors to use as they teach the course. Her passion for the Spanish language is strong and she is a dedicated, honest, and hardworking student. She knows that there is never enough one can learn about the Spanish language and culture, and she hopes to spread her passion for the language to her students in the future.


Alyssa Carbone is an undergraduate student studying Spanish and Education, looking to work with the Spanish-speaking population in her future. She also became involved with the Companion Site for Spanish Phonetics & Phonology through Professor Escudero and has been interested in the linguistic study and analysis of the Spanish language ever since. Alyssa is passionate about making education more accessible to students and views the Companion Site as a fundamental step in revolutionizing Open Educational Resources and Open Pedagogy Projects across the state, and hopefully, the rest of the country. In her future, Alyssa hopes to go into work fighting for immigrant and student rights. The development of this Companion Site has been crucial in her development in many ways, including advancing her professional Spanish writing skills as well as bringing awareness of the barriers students may face when it comes to obtaining an education.


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¿Cómo suena? by Alejandra Escudero, Nicole Barreca, and Alyssa Carbone is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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